Welcome To Cornerstone Behavioral Healthcare "Professional Services"

If you are interested in joining our network, please contact Frank Willard at: fwillard@cornerstonebhc.com
or call our Bangor office at: 1 (207) 992-0410.

The Cornerstone BHC Affiliate Network, partnering with Cornerstone's in-house Clinicians and staff, effectively extends the agency's capabilities throughout the State Of Maine, thus enhancing delivery of community-based, quality services for Mental Health and Substance Abuse care to our Clients.

Specific benefits for affiliates include the following:

1. APS: Authorizations
2. Medical Billing Submissions
3. Tracking of Billing Submissions and Payment Processing
4. Continuing Stay Reviews and Discharge Submissions
5. Medical Chart: Qualitative and Quantitative Reviews
6. Medical Records Management
7. Client Referrals as Available and Appropriate
8. Clinical Supervision provided at our Bangor and Waterville sites
9. Clinical and Administrative Expertise in Advising and Assisting Affiliates
10. Updates on DHHS MH/SA Program Requirements
11. Affiliate Office Site Inspections for Licensing
12. Opportunities to Attend In-Service Trainings at Cornerstone Offices

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